What Are The Best Synths For Chillwave and Glofi?

What Are The Best Synths For Chillwave and Glofi?

The Best Chillwave Synths

Good chillwave synths

Chillwave is characterised by its dreamy faded style sound can can often borrow elements from Lo-fi, Hip-Hop, Chillout and Synthwave and Shoegaze style of sounds. 

We need a synth with excellent modulation and built in effects with reverb and saturation being a must. 

Here's our top picks for the best synths for Chillwave and Glo-fi


Xfer Serum


Out of the box it's way too clean but it's distinct modulation possibilities and excellent array of effects make this an excellent choice for Chillwave.  

Features include:

  • Morphing oscillators.
  • Flexible unison modes
  • Built-in wavetable editor.
  • Clean sound.
  • Outstanding effects.
  • Incredible and easy to use modulation options.

which synth is good for chillwave - serum


U-he Repro-5


A good choice for its rich organic tone, solid array of vintage FX and fairly decent modulation matrix. Particularly notable is its long decay reverb and excellent saturation options. You'll be washing out synth bell style tones in no time.

Features include:

  • Powerful analogue sound using component-level modelling
  • 2 multi-wave oscillators: saw/pulse and saw / triangle / pulse
  • 4-pole resonant lowpass filter
  • 8 voice polyphonic, or up to 8 voice unison with optional glide
  • Individual voice panning
  • Polyphonic distortion unit with 4 types including bit crusher
  • Built-in effects: analog-style delay / chorus, EQ / resonator, plate reverb, sonic conditioner, tape emulation effect

repro-5 for chillwave 


Here's a good example from our own Chillwave preset pack on how good Repro 5 works for Chillwave 


Native Instruments Massive X (And the original Massive)


 Features include:

  • Dual-wavetable oscillator soft synth
  • Over 170 wavetables and 10 Wavetable Modes (each with different sub modes)
  • Two additional phase-modulation oscillators
  • One filter, nine types
  • Nine slots for LFO and envelope modulation
  • Three Performers for up to eight bars of modulation
  • Three blocks of 10 send FX
  • Insert effects allow effects anywhere on signal chain or add 3 extra oscillators and more

Huge modulation and huge array of oscillator choices. Coupled with it's excellent FX sections means some truly unique Chillwave tones you won't get from any other synth. An excellent choice. 

what are the best Chillwave synths - massive x


Reveal Sound Spire


Features include:

  • 4 multimode polymorphing oscillators
  • Unison engine with 9 voices per oscillator
  • 2 great-sounding multimode filters
  • Flexible modulation options
  • 4 macros, 4 envelopes, 4 LFOs with morphing shapes
  • 15 matrix slots each with 2 sources and 4 targets
  • Advanced arpeggiator and step sequencer
  • Multiband compressor
  • Onboard effects processor

It's tone sometimes can work against itself for Chillwave styles but with careful programming Spire can give you excellent returns of Chillwave sounds. It has a good FX section, with very good saturation options, coupled with some unique oscillator types and good mod matrix it particularly excels at lo-fi 8bit side of sounds.

Spire for chillwave




So when you're next looking for the best Chillwave synths definitely be sure to check these out. 

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