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D16 Group

D16 - Silverline Bundle

D16 - Silverline Bundle

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Bundle Overview

Introducing the D16 Group SilverLine Collection: Your Gateway to Vintage Analog Excellence

Prepare to unlock a treasure trove of meticulously crafted analog-modeled vintage circuits, all conveniently packaged in plugin format for your DAW. The D16 Group SilverLine Collection is a comprehensive suite that covers nearly every essential effect type you could desire, empowering you to unleash your creative genius. Within this indispensable bundle, you'll discover a wealth of sonic tools, including reverb, triple chorus, phaser, distortion, delay, and more, perfectly tailored for today's modern sound designer.

Precision Analog Modeling for Authentic Vintage Sound

Powered by advanced proprietary analog modeling, the D16 SilverLine Collection achieves the pinnacle of accuracy when it comes to recreating vintage effects. Immerse your mixes in classic warmth, character, and coloration that will elevate your sonic palette to new heights. But the SilverLine doesn't stop at mere recreations; it breathes new life into these effects by enhancing their functionality, offering contemporary and modern features that seamlessly integrate into your cutting-edge productions.

Experience the essence of vintage analog excellence while embracing the advantages of modern innovation with the D16 Group SilverLine Collection. Your journey to unparalleled sound design begins here. 

    What's included?

    • Spacerek
    • Syntorus 2
    • Godfazer
    • Redoptor
    • Fazortan 2
    • Toraverb 2
    • Tekturon
    • Decimort 2
    • Devastor 2
    • Antresol

    **D16 Group Spacerek Virtual Space Reverb: Expand Your Sonic Horizons**

    Introducing the D16 Group Spacerek Virtual Space Reverb, a digital delivery of awe-inspiring, true-to-life spaces in plugin format for your DAW. Powered by a hybrid algorithmic engine, Spacerek seamlessly blends modeled virtual spaces with dynamic delay networking, resulting in incredibly lifelike reverb spaces bursting with character. With an extensive collection of 114 unique spaces at your fingertips, you can explore tight rooms, expansive halls, shimmering plates, endless tunnels, and more, infusing your music with space, depth, and ambiance.

    **D16 Group Syntorus 2 Triple Path Analog Chorus: The Ultimate Chorus Plugin**

    The D16 Group Syntorus 2 Triple Path Analog Chorus is your passport to the classic analog chorus circuits of yesteryears, now in convenient plugin format for your DAW. Drawing inspiration from iconic synthesizers like the Juno-106 and Elka Synthex, Syntorus 2 reigns supreme as the quintessential chorus plugin. Utilizing advanced modeling techniques, it faithfully reproduces the tone, warmth, and unmistakable character of high-quality bucket-brigade device (BBD) delay lines. Setting itself apart from the crowd, Syntorus 2 offers a multitude of customization and flexibility options while preserving the analog sound. Blend three delay lines to create a fluid chorus sound like never before, with numerous parameters for tweaking, including tremolo, analog filtering, and a syncable LFO per delay line.

    **D16 Group Godfazer Advanced Modulation Unit: Unleash Your Creative Potential**

    The D16 Group Godfazer Advanced Modulation Unit is a multi-effects powerhouse, boasting a vast array of modulation possibilities, including vintage gear emulations like BBD-based choruses, rotary speakers, and an ensemble section. Elevate your sound design to new heights with over 100 presets and a comprehensive suite of controls, featuring six distinct topologies. Three primary sections offer signal processing flexibility: Ensemble, Multi Filter, and Modulator. Dive deeper into the Modulator section, equipped with four additional segments: Constant Modifier, LFO Generator, Envelope Follower, and Step Sequencer. With limitless creative potential, this plugin is a must-have for audio engineers and music producers alike.

    **D16 Group Redoptor 2 Vintage Tube Distortion: Embrace Classic Tube Warmth**

    Embrace the rich and organic sound of a classic tube amplifier in the digital realm with the D16 Group Redoptor 2 Vintage Tube Distortion. This high-quality emulator pays meticulous attention to detail, elevating your sounds by adding grit, character, and harmonics that form a powerful wall of sound through overdrive and distortion. Faithfully recreating the gentle, natural compression and harmonically rich blend of odd and even harmonics found in analog tube circuits, Redoptor 2 injects excitement and impact into your tracks, keeping your listeners engaged.

    **D16 Group Fazortan 2 Controllable Space Phaser: A Vintage Phaser Redefined**

    Enter the world of vintage '70s phaser magic with the D16 Group Fazortan 2, meticulously recreated in plugin format for your DAW. It's unwavering in both sound quality and features, expanding upon the capabilities of the original hardware with modern innovations for contemporary music production. Armed with two fully adjustable LFOs, selectable waveforms, and host tempo synchronization, you can craft anything from subtle sweeps to extreme modulation textures. Thanks to advanced analog modeling techniques, Fazortan 2 faithfully captures the essence of vintage analog equipment, allowing you to infuse warmth and full-bodied character into your mixes.

    **D16 Group Toraverb 2: Sculpt Your Reverb Like Never Before**

    Taking a fresh approach to reverb, the D16 Group Toraverb 2 empowers you to shape your tone into virtually any imaginable sound. Regardless of your experience with sound design, Toraverb 2 enables effortless creation of beautiful-sounding reverbs that enhance your music with precision. Packed with essential features and omitting the unnecessary, Toraverb 2 streamlines reverb design. Two parametric EQs provide precise tone sculpting, while early and late reflections control, featuring free or DAW-synced pre-delay, add realism. The intelligent diffusion control ensures impeccable reverb quality, and crosstalk and ducking circuits allow sidechaining to specific instruments or your entire mix, resulting in pristine and lifelike reverb.

    **D16 Group Tekturon Multitap Sequenced Delay: A Revolutionary Delay Experience**

    Stand out from the crowd with the D16 Group Tekturon, a 16-step delay matrix that's both a step sequencer and a musical delay plugin. Highly customizable, each step boasts panning, stereo spread, feedback, output level, and a multi-mode filter, enabling you to tailor your repeats to suit your music and stand out in dense mixes. Enjoy global or individual control, allowing limitless customization possibilities with the Tekturon Multitap Sequenced Delay.

    **D16 Group Decimort 2: Precision Bit Crushing and Sound Sculpting**

    Enter the world of sonic experimentation with D16 Group Decimort 2, a high-quality bit crusher perfect for mangling, warping, and adding character to your sounds. Offering extensive controls, including adjustable jitter, dual anti-aliasing filters, and controllable dithering, Decimort 2 provides a wide range of creative options. With an ultra-accurate resampling algorithm, it allows you to tap into classic coloration and grit reminiscent of legendary sampling units. Featuring analog-style filters for further sound shaping, Decimort 2 ensures harmonic distortion-free output, making it perfect for genres spanning hip-hop to EDM.

    **D16 Group Devastor 2: The Ultimate Multi-Stage Distortion**

    Discover the unique signature sound of D16 Group Devastor 2, one of the finest diode-clipper emulations available. Devastor 2 is a powerful multi-stage distortion plugin, capable of everything from subtle guitar fuzz to audio-mangling mayhem. Comprising four stages: Dynamics-flattener module, diode-clipper distortion, three multi-mode filter sections, and an optional signal limiter, this plugin offers unparalleled versatility. You have the freedom to choose how the signal is processed, allowing you to apply filters before or after it hits the diode-clipper, opening up endless creative possibilities.

    **D16 Group Antresol Analog BBD Stereo Flanger: Classic Flanger with a Modern Twist**

    The D16 Group Antresol Analog BBD Stereo Flanger is a classic stompbox-style virtual effect designed for guitarists, instrumentalists, and music producers. Remaining true to the original design, Antresol enhances the stompbox with advanced controls for precise parameter tweaking. Choose from three distinct LFO-to-BBD clock curves to find your desired sound. Capturing the warmth of classic analog, this impulse-controlled analog delay line delivers highly musical sonic qualities. By replicating quasi-analog signal representation, Antresol maintains the same analog behaviors as its physical counterpart, wrapped in an intuitive, eye-catching GUI for effortless use.

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